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Carte d’identité


SEDAT: So this girl’s coming towards me, right, and I think, I know her. She lives in the block, has done for years. Tall, blonde, hair down to her arse and those tight trousers they all wear, you know – real sweet I’m telling you: sweet! So anyway: I see her and I almost don’t recognise her – walks straight past me. I stop and look: she’s got this piece of material on her head, this scarf, completely covering her hair, pulled down low over her forehead. But it kinda looks good in a way, know what I mean? Blue, with sparkly bits, and it really suits her. D’you know what I mean? Her face… You can really see it now. I’ve got absolutely nothing against them. Headscarves, I mean. They look really hot in them. I’m telling you – I think headscarves are hot. You get me? I’m all in favour of tolerance. I am. I’m all for it. You get me? – So he starts on this unbelievable story, he seriously wants to tell me about headscarves. And I just

stand there. And think –

ARON: – ?

SEDAT: Yeah, that’s exactly what I think. And he’s like: Tolerance. Yeah. Tolerance. And with tolerance you gotta have rules. There’s gotta be rules. You agree with that, don’t you? Everyone agrees with that, no one can disagree with that. And if you’re temporary here –

well, what’s a person like me supposed to do, you get me? It ain’t personal, yeah. That’s the problem, see, right there, I have to be able to work out who’s who and for how long, and to do that I need some ID. You get me. Everyone has to carry ID with them, because someone like me might come along, and then they have to be able to show it. It’s a crime in Germany, you know. – Did you know it

was illegal?


SEDAT: Yeah, you.

ARON: Yeah, no.

SEDAT: Yeah, me either. That’s what I told him, and he’s like: Not knowing the law of the land where you live, well, that’s not good.


SEDAT: Sorry. I gotta take you with me.

ARON: Who? Me?

SEDAT: Now, don’t let’s get all worked up, Zehat.

ARON: Zehat?

SEDAT: Calm down. Stay cool, all right, mate? I know what we can do.

ARON: Am I supposed to say something now?

SEDAT: No. I just keep my mouth shut, and he’s like: Listen. You’re not carrying any ID. Here in this wonderful country of ours, that’s a crime. Because how am I supposed to check now whether you’re one of the good guys or one of the bad guys? Over here, it’s like this: anyone who can’t prove who they are is suspicious. So I’m gonna take you down the station with me, and we’ll have a look, see where you’re from and how long you’re allowed to stay, and then you can go back to your hood. Got it, mate? Am I making myself clear?